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Clandestine Talk – Hacker

Online talk with

Jacques Putz, Stéphane Duguin & Caterina Riva



Lara Favaretto’s series of ‘clandestine talks’ are intended to deconstruct fifty ‘key words’ via a hidden discourse that takes place – according to the artist’s instructions – in a ‘bunker-like’ environment (an undisclosed, protected, and soundproof location within or close to the institution). These ‘key words’ are described by the artist as ‘vital and relevant to dissecting and redefining our present moment’. Each discussion involves three to seven participants, meeting behind closed doors and without a public audience for an undefined period of time during one day. The speakers are rigorously selected by the artist, connecting a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise to bring together different perspectives on the subjects. Each talk is broadcast as a live audio stream, as well as being transcribed and published on the website

Jacques Pütz is the CEO of LUXHUB, which was founded in 2018 by four major Luxembourgish banks (BCEE, BGL BNP Paribas, Banque Banque Raiffeisen and POST Luxembourg), LUXHUB has quickly become a leading European Open Banking API Platform. Pütz lives and works in Luxembourg.

Stéphane Duguin is the Chief Executive Officer of the CyberPeace Institute and is based in Geneva. Duguin has spent two decades analysing how technology is weaponised against vulnerable communities. In particular, he has investigated multiple instances of the use of disruptive technologies, such as AI, in the context of counterterrorism, cybercrime, cyberoperations, hybrid threats, and the online use of disinformation techniques.

Caterina Riva is an Italian curator and the Director of MACTE Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli. Previously she was Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (201719) and directed Artspace in Auckland, New Zealand between 2011 and 2014. Riva founded and directed FormContent, a curatorial project space, with Francesco Pedraglio and Pieternel Vermoortel in London (200711).

© Photo: Ela Bialkowska / Courtesy of the artist