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Chaotic Structures. Workshop for adults

Mudam Studio

8€ / workshop

Booking required
t + 352 453785–531

Learn all about the lithography printing technique within the framework of the exhibition of Thomas Hirschhorn’s installation Flugplatz Welt / World Airport from Mudam Collection.

Flugplatz Welt / World Airport deals with the question of globalization and its collateral, often paradoxical effects: “Macro-isolation, selfisolation, and particularities - ethnic, religious, social, linguistic, cultural... - local divisions, regional and private wars, war lords all tend to separate one entity from another. This shrinkage and splitting is what I wished to explore in Flugplatz Welt / World Airport”, the artist explains.

No previous experience needed.
Materials available on spot.

Thomas Hirschhorn, "Flugplatz Welt / World Airport", 1999. Collection Mudam Luxembourg. Acquisition 2000. Vue de l’exposition au Mudam, 21.11.2012 – 26.05.2013
© Photo : Eric Chenal | Mudam Luxembourg