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Breaking the Walls | Exhibition


Within the framework of the exhibition

Dayanita Singh. Dancing with my Camera

For the first time, Mudam Luxembourg and Le Rencontre from the Ligue Luxembourgeoise d'Hygiène Mentale Asbl are presenting a collaborative project which aims to explore the theme of identity through photography.

The project brings together a selection of photographers from all walks of life, who are invited to participate in this collective exhibition which reflects their own vision and personal interpretation of Dayanita Singh's work.

The exhibition at Mudam Studio will also close Dayanita Singh's exhibition.

Introduction: 20.07.2023, 10h00–12h00
Follow-up 1: 10.08.2023, 10h00–12h00
Follow-up 2: 24.08.2023, 10h00–12h00
Opening: 06.09.2023, 18h00–20h00
Exhibition: 07.09.2023 – 10.09.2023, 10h00–18h00 (Finissage Dayanita Singh)

Close-up on the hands of a person checking the positioning of two photos on the wall.
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg