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Bread making and baking weekends


Park Dräi Eechelen
On weekends

11.11.2021 – 26.02.2022

Come and sample our bread

On Sunday from 12h00 at Mudam Café

Sold at Mudam Store from 12h00

6 €/bread (limited quantity)

More information

In reaction to the social distancing measures imposed during the pandemic and under the motto ‘living together’, with his work Ket Baker, Daniel Wagener invites us to come together to bake bread in a custom-made oven placed in front of the museum. The yeast and the resulting bread are symbolic of the newly revived social dynamics and the value of conviviality rediscovered in sharing and eating together. The process of preparing the dough and raising it in the incubator shown in the exhibition space, as well as the subsequent process of shaping the loaves and baking them in the fire, supervising the baking, and then removing, sharing and consuming the bread, give rise to essential moments of immediacy in which art and life become one.

A wood-fired oven that brings people together and invites sharing after months of social distancing. From November to February, the construction and use of a wood-fired oven will bring a sense of warmth and community to Mudam. During weekends, Daniel Wagener and his colleagues will be making dough and baking bread. On Saturdays they will prepare the leaven and knead the dough, and on Sunday mornings they will bake the loaves. The bread can then be sampled as a sandwich and will also be sold at the Mudam Café.

All profits will go to charitable organisations and non-profits chosen by Mudam’s Community Department.

Daniel Wagener
© Photo : Patrick Galbats