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Zoe Leonard Screening Programme – 3 documentaries about border issues


Mudam Auditorium
Within the framework of the exhibition

Zoe Leonard. Al río / To the River


English subtitles


8€ (exhibition access included)

Bab Sebta (2019) by Randa Maroufi (19 min)
Bab Sebta (Ceuta’s Gate) consists of a series of reconstructed situations based on observations made on the border of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan soil providing the scene for an intense trafficking of manufactured goods, sold at discounted prices.

Randa Maroufi (b. 1987, Casablanca) is an artist and filmmaker. She currently lives and works in Paris.

Sewing Borders (2018) by Mohamad Hafeda (25 min)
Sewing Borders is a short movie that Mohamad Hafeda developed collectively with a group of Beirut residents with different experiences of displacement, most of whom are refugees or migrants from the Middle East. Together they study maps of the city and of the region, and, through their sewing skills, negotiate and narrate notions of spatial, temporal and historic borders.

Mohamad Hafeda (b. 1976) is an artist, designer, writer, editor and filmmaker. He is currently based in London and Beirut.

Terras (2009) by Maya Da-Rin (74 min)
On the borders between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, the twin towns of Letícia and Tabatinga form an urban island surrounded by the Amazon forest. Located somewhere between documentary, ethnographic film and essay, Terras is a meditation on the concept of frontiers, following the constant coming and going of people along the border and slowly revealing its presence and influence on the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Maya Da-Rin (b. 1979, Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian filmmaker whose works includes narrative films, documentaries, and video installations. She is currently based in Rio de Janeiro.

BAB SEBTA by Randa Maroufi (2019, 19 min)
© Photo: Film still from "BAB SEBTA" by Randa Maroufi, courtesy of the artist