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Beyond Language: A Participatory Tour into T(( ))mb


Participatory performance by

OMSK Social Club

Within the framework of the exhibition

The Collective Laboratory

Limited admission

20 participants

Access to the event

Included in the entrance fee

Beyond Language: A Participatory Tour into T(( ))mb is a live role-played participatory performance based on the ideas and gestures of the original Real Game Play by OMSK Social Club. As a guest, you will see how the T(( ))mb scholars synthesise new languages, hone in on lines of asemic research and define the struggles of language both on a micro and macro level in relation to Project Cassandra, a literary unit funded by the military. As a group, you will be invited to a special showcase of their latest research alongside the opportunity to try some of their alternative linguistic systems, guided by the scholars themselves.

A person dressed in pink moving on a mirror placed on the floor.
T(( ))mb
© Photo : Jonas Schoeneberg