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Language Day




Free of charge

Limited availability

t +352 453785–531

Mudam Luxembourg, in collaboration with RYSE asbl and the national institute of languages of Luxembourg, is organising the first edition of Language Day. This day celebrates the exchange and practice of languages in Luxembourg, highlighting the links between languages and art. This day offers linguistic and artistic workshops and intercultural activities revolving around the Mudam exhibitions.


10h00–12h00: Words are treasures with Rafaela Bermond

12h00–14h00: Talk and Eat
At Talk and Eat, the goal is simple: enjoy tasty food and practice a language through easy-going conversations. As you enjoy your meal, get ready to dive into engaging discussions sparked by conversation starters that add a sprinkle of delight to your lunch experience.

14h00–17h00: Conversations in the galleries
In our galleries, we have set up language corners that invite you to blend art with conversation. Settle into these comfortable spaces, take an envelope, and explore the exhibitions through questions.

17h00–19h00: Language Speed Networking
Join us for a unique afterwork of linguistic mingling: in just five minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with someone in a language of your choice. When the bell rings, you’ll move on to a new conversation partner. Seize this opportunity to connect, share, and broaden your language skills in a laid-back setting.

19h00–21h00: Come and Play
Time for games: come for an entertaining evening where you can enjoy playing games and practicing a language of your choice. Whether you’re a language learner or someone looking for a fun time, we welcome all who are eager to play, practice and have a great time.

People talking in front of a red-lighted Mudam.
© Photo : Patty Neu | staatermuséeën