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2x2 Dialogues: William Kentridge | Closing Session


Within the framework of the exhibition

William Kentridge. More Sweetly Play the Dance


LU / FR / DE / EN

Booking required
t +352 453785–531

Limited admission

Face mask mandatory.

No experience required

Free of charge.

The third edition of ‘2x2: Dialogues’ focuses on the work of William Kentridge. Choosing a work of art and analysing it in pairs, Luxembourg residents and refugees will work together, discussing the creative process, culture and aesthetic values. The final video will provide insights into these conversations and open a new way to encounter one another.

03.03.2021 | 18h00-20h00 | Opening Session (private event)
28.04.2021 | 18h00-20h00 | Closing Session (private event) + Video Release

"2x2 Dialogues : Jean–Marie Biwer", Août 2020
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg