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Djijo and Mina at the museum

Discover the story of two small birds, Djijo and Mina, and their adventures in this strange “house” – Mudam – which reveals itself as an extraordinary playground full of surprises and discoveries.

Through Isabelle Marmann’s poetic universe and delicate illustrations and story by Elsa Rauchs, we discover a selection of works belonging to the museum’s collection.

The illustrated book for children of 3 years of age and more, published by Mudam Luxembourg is available in three languages.

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Djijo and Mina at the museum


A Mudamini Production
Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

Art Direction and Illustration: Isabelle Marmann
Text and voice: Elsa Rauchs
Animation: Xavier Salomon
Translation: Simon Pleasance

Mudam Collection

Throughout the story Djijo and Mina discover several artworks from the Mudam Collection. Here is the list of works referred to in the book.
You can find the whole Mudam Collection on the website

Cai Guo-Qiang
The Net, 2002
Boat, birdcage, laptop, golden bamboo arrows, rope
Variable dimensions
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2004

Raphaël Zarka
The Form of Rest n°2, 2001
Colour photograph
70 x 100 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2011

François Roche
Le Cabinet Hypnotique, 2005
Resin and polyester structure 300 x 600 x 900 cm Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2005

Little Warsaw

The Body of Nefertiti, 2003
Life-size wax sculpture
140 x 40 x 26 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2012

Nari Ward
Geography: Bottle Messenger, 2002
Bottles, paper, wire, metal frame 900 x Ø 400 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2003

Su-Mei Tse
In collaboration with Jean-Lou Majerus
Many Spoken Words, 2009 Ink, stone, cast
220 x Ø 450 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2009

Marc Couturier
Wall Drawing, 2006
Stucco and silverpoint
740 x 1800 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Commission 2004

Joe Scanlan
Pay Dirt, 2003
Fertilizer bags
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Coproduction with the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Commission 2003

Eric Poitevin
Sans titre, 1995
Colour photograph
183 x 227 cm
Collection Mudam Luxembourg Acquisition 2003