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Screening of the film Ieri, Oggi, Domani by Vittorio De Sica


Mudam Auditorium
Limited places

Subject to modification or cancellation

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Mandatory masks

Widely regarded as one of the great masterpieces of Italian cinema, Vittorio De Sica’s Ieri, Oggi, Domani (1963) was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1965.

The film is structured in three chapters, set in three different Italian cities, each telling the story of a young couple. Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni play the protagonists in each, Loren appearing variously as Adelina an illegal cigarette seller; Anna, a wealthy Milanese lady and Mara, a prostitute who seduces a young priest.

By Vittorio De Sica
With: Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Tina Pica, Giovanni Ridolfi
Production: Carlo Ponti and Joseph E. Levine, 1963
Duration: 118’
In Italian, English subtitles