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Fleeting Red | Performance by Emanuela Iacopini


Mudam Ostgalerie
Within the framework of the exhibition

Dayanita Singh. Dancing with my Camera

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Formally choosing red as a fleeting colour to move through Dyanita Singh’s images in Dancing with my Camera, choreographer Emanuela Iacopini unleashes her movement through the dynamic visual surfaces of the exhibition space to create an itinerant performance. In Fleeting Red, as a transient form of performance, the body is present as a living archive of its own history and experience. The performance is based on intuitive movement from within the most connective and responsive layers of the body, resonating with the present reality.

Biographical Note
Born in Rome in 1974, Emanuela Iacopini is a dance artist living in Luxembourg. Active within the international creative, scientific and academic scenes since 2001, her present focus is on the exploration of the connective tissue as a living matrix to re(de)fine training, creation and performance. Graduated in Chemistry, then Dance, she was certified as a KET bodyworker, Reiki and yoga practitioner and more recently as an Axis Syllabus teacher. After her postgraduate studies in Dance Science at Trinity Laban London, she has collaborated and performed with pioneers in connective tissue movement research as it applies to dance, including Florence Augendre, Annemari Autere and Frey Faust. As a course leader in contemporary dance, she created and leads the Dance Kinesiology course at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg. She co-founded VEDANZA Artists International with sound artist Rajivan Ayyappan – an artist-led organisation, dance company and studio-space. Her most recent projects include UNDO (2017), Form of a Motion/Two to One (2018), BLAST (2020), Danse pour piano à quatre mains (2022), We Thought We Knew What We Were Doing (2023) and Mother (2023).

Black and white portrait of Emanuela Iacopini
Emanuela Iacopini
© Photo : Anne-Marie Herkes