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Livestream | How to be anti-colonial? Listening session

Live soon!

Please refresh the address mudam.com/radio-disaster-stream shortly before 14h00 to be able to attend this free online streaming.

Colonialism and coloniality are not the relics of the past: both phenomena continue to influence and shape every aspect of life on the planet until today. If we assume that colonialism often operates under camouflage, how can it be identified and what are the anti-colonial strategies that one can adopt? How do we reverse the logic of camouflage by making the effects and traces of colonialism visible? How can one be anti-colonial, and what is the responsibility of cultural actors and institutions in this struggle? And finally, how do we imagine our common futures: what comes after the Empire, and after the ‘post-soviet’? To reflect on these topics, Beyond the post-soviet invites curator and thinker Vasyl Cherepanyn (Kyiv), artist Lia Dostlieva (Maastricht), artist and curator Tatiana Fiodorova (Chișinău), and philosopher Renata Salecl (Ljubljana), as well as the team and audience at Mudam to form a spontaneous collective. Conveying multiple perspectives, the participants' input will be followed by a group discussion and a Q&A session. In parallel, the presentation of the artwork This Here and That There (Berlin video) (2009) by Vlatka Horvat from Mudam’s collection will offer an artistic insight on the subject of power dynamics that spaces produce, as well as on the ways to destabilise the established hierarchies and narratives by means of deconstructing the spatial order.

Sun 04.12.2022 | 14h00 | EN