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Eva Kotátková

The installations by the Czech artist Eva Koťátková (*1982, Prague, Czech Republic) are often variable and adapt to each new exhibition. They usually consist of a multitude of objects, drawings, photographs, models and sometimes also videos. Koťátková’s interest is focused on the social norms and rules that influence and determine our behaviour in the various personal or collective conditions of our lives. In Controlled Memory Loss (2009–2011) she questions the idea of ‘being at home’. For example, in her photographs she symbolically refers to the connections between our body and our habitation. Her drawing collages illustrate day-to-day environments that seem to be more oppressive than friendly, while her models represent standardised habitats. The situations symbolically presented by the artist show the possibilities of structuring a place or inhabiting it, but also of adapting to it or resisting the circumstances in which one finds oneself.


  1. Eva Kotátková Controlled Memory Loss, 2009

    Installation composée de maquettes, de photographies, de dessins, de collages et d’un film (32 mn)
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2011
    © Photo : Eva Kotátková

Marina Abramović, "Video Portrait Gallery", 1975-1998 | Collection Mudam Luxembourg | Acquisition 2001
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