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Michel Paysant


Inspired by the reading of Utopia (1516) by Thomas More, in one of its most discussed translations, Nusquam talks about hospitality, the other and the beyond, as well as the topic of emigration. A free vision and poetic evocation of the "land of refuge", the installation offers a reflexion about the dream of somewhere else and the non-places. As the exact contrary of the parabola, the political moral lesson or the simple exercise of rhetoric, Nusquam should be regarded as an "active waiting room", a place of remedy, where one can regenerate, immerse, listen. An "oceanic" space to "be outside but feel at home everywhere".
With the assistance of Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle de Luxembourg, Jardin Botanique de Bonn, Centre International d’Art Verrier de Meisenthal, Objectile, Atelier Stéphane Dwernicki, 3D Prod, Olivier Esmein, Muadhib.