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ELO. Inner Exile - Outer Limits

Mudam Collection

The ELO exhibition shows a snapshot of the contemporary art scene in Luxembourg featuring existing works and new productions. The exhibition does not intent to be a mere inventory of “Luxembourgian art” It rather analyses the contemporary art scene in regard of its evolution during the last decade with i.e. the creation of many new cultural institutions, museums, theatres etc. Notable changes can also be seen on a more personal level: more and more artists choose to settle and work in Luxembourg, a situation never seen before!


  • Christian Mosar


Götz Arndt Jean-Marie Biwer Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert Simone Decker Stina Fisch Christian Frantzen Tina Gillen Tom Hermes Paul Kirps Yvan Klein Filip Markiewicz Isabelle Marmann Bertrand Ney Moritz Ney Antoine Prum Dany Prum Roland Quetsch Pasha Rafiy Saskia Raux & Marc Scozzai Danielle Scheuer Eric Schockmel Jean-Louis Schuller The Plug Jeanine Unsen Roger Wagner Trixi Weis Vera Weisgerber Wennig & Daubach