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Tatiana Trouvé

In 1997, without a workshop and faced with a difficult start to her artistic career, Tatiana Trouvé (b. 1968, Cosenza, Italy) began an evolutive project entitled Le Bureau d’Activités Implicites (BAI) made up of various arrangements of objects destined to develop and proliferate organically. These modules take up as much concrete activities (archiving, reproduction, writing) as mental operations (concentration, reminiscence).

The series of Polders, which ensues from BAI, is developed on a reduced scale enriching the various biographical ramifications of BAI with a dimension of allegories and recollections. Somewhere between sculptures, models and installations, Trouvé produces minuscule spaces, like faraway memories, which, in the fashion of their namesake - polders - only emerge and take shape through mental action. Representing potential places for activities whose significance remains uncertain, Polders evoke possible stories without, however, explicitly relating them. The elements from which they are composed are both familiar and troubling, radiating a strange and remarkable atmosphere.


  1. Tatiana Trouvé Polder, 2002

    Technique mixte
    60 x 230 x 230 cm
    Collection M.J.S., Paris
    Dépôt 2006 - Mudam Luxembourg
    © Photo : Rémi Villaggi

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