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Sondra Perry

Sondra Perry was born in 1986 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.


  1. Sondra Perry IT’S IN THE GAME ‘18 or Mirror Gag for Projection and Two Universal Shot Trainers with Nasal Cavity and Pelvis, 2018

    Vidéo, couleur, son, en boucle
    Mur peint en bleu Rosco Chroma Key, appareils d’entraînement au basket ball
    16 min 20 sec
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Donation 2019 – Allen & Overy
    © Photo : Rémi Villaggi | Mudam Luxembourg

Marina Abramović, "Video Portrait Gallery", 1975-1998 | Collection Mudam Luxembourg | Acquisition 2001
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