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Simon Jacquard

Bought by Mudam in 2007, the series of sixteen drawings by Simon Jacquard (1968, Milan) unveils a sensitive and poetic universe that casts an offbeat and amused glance at our everyday environment, somewhat like a mood log. The artist’s special humour merely deflects the threat of disaster that runs as a common theme through his drawings. Spanning personal and universal, monotonous and spectacular, banal and philosophical, sketches and flitting around, his hand travels over paper in a very direct manner, without detours or flourishes. Figures, situations and manuscript texts read like aphorisms, yet when glanced at rapidly they elicit deeper thoughts.


  1. Simon Jacquard Sans Titre, 2003-2005

    Ensemble de 16 dessins
    Technique mixte sur papier
    30 x 20 cm chaqun
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2006
    © Simon Jacquard

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