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Rainer Ganahl

Rainer Ganahl (b. 1961, Bludenz) explores the ways in which learning, education and the transmission of knowledge is organised in relation to different social, political and cultural conditions. Language of Emigration/Sprache der Emigration, Anonymous, (1999) is part of a series of portraits documenting the experiences of people who lived under Nazi dictatorship. Through their individual testimonies, the protagonists describe the circumstances of their deportation and emigration. Most of the people interviewed are German-speaking although they are from different parts of Europe. The woman featured in the work from Mudam Collection refuses to speak German, recounting the story of her escape – from Vienna to the Netherlands, France and eventually the United States. Her memory of this perilous journey can be seen to have resonance with accounts of contemporary migration.


  1. Rainer Ganahl Language of Emigration / Sprache der Emigration, Anonymous, 1999

    8 coloured photographs, photography black and white and a colour video, sound of 28 min 29 s
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Donation 2018 – M.J.S., Paris
    © Video still: Mudam Luxembourg

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