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À propos des lieux d’origine #1 (2005) is an expansive sculptural installation by Cabrita (b. 1956, Lisbon). Like many of the artist’s large-scale works, it repurposes construction materials to define a series of partly open, partly closed spaces resembling an architectural form. As the title of the work suggests, the sculpture refers to the gallery space where it was originally made, its outer limits being defined by the length of the gallery walls.

Emphasis is placed on two materials, which are of key importance to Cabrita’s sculptural work. The most obvious of these are the fluorescent lights that the artist uses to draw linear forms in space. These are supported here by aluminum conduits daubed with bright orange paint that draws attention to the bricks underneath (the other staple material within Cabrita’s work). This bright orange colour, which has also been used repeatedly by the artist, is commonly found on construction sites to highlight barriers, fencing and hazardous machinery. Within Cabrita’s sculpture the colour reinforces a sense of physical boundaries.


  1. Cabrita À propos des lieux d’origine #1, 2005

    Acier, briques, néons
    51 x 935 x 740 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2006
    © Photo : Andrés Lejona

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