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Pasha Rafiy

Born in Tehran, Iran, Luxembourg filmmaker and photographer Pasha Rafiy (b. 1980) studied in Vienna, Austria, where he now works as Managing Photo Director for the daily newspaper Die Presse. In 2008 Rafiy went to New York to shoot the portrait of actor, musician and artist John Lurie. The meeting was forever being postponed and Rafiy spent several weeks while he was waiting wandering the streets of New York. Lurie eventually welcomed him into to his apartment a few hours before he was due to return to Europe. The resulting series titled NYC GHOST comprises 10 photographs. By refusing to touch up the photographs or use artificial light, Rafiy trusts in the present moment, ever conscious that an image can convey things far better than words. The photographs he took in New York reflect his curiosity and wonder, condensing, in the moment captured, a multitude of stories.


  1. Pasha Rafiy NYC GHOST I - X, 2008

    Ensemble de 10 photographies couleur montées sur aluminium
    60 x 90 cm (8 photographies)
    90 x 60 cm (2 photographies)
    Production et Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2008
    © Pasha Rafiy

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