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Marc Couturier

Marc Couturier’s (b. 1946, Mirebeau-sur-Bèze, France) encompassing wall drawing makes the limits of the gallery disappear. Commissioned for the museum’s opening in 2006, Couturier’s mural, created in-situemploys a long discarded craft technique; the endless interlacing tracery being created with a silverpoint on a stucco surface. Executed by the artist without lifting his hand, his gestures in creating the final work were both concentrated and patient and rapid and violent. The subtle trace appears and disappears in diaphanous oscillation, depending on the angle from which any aspect of the drawing is viewed. Seemingly born from nothing, the work which might be interpreted as having a spiritual charge, lends a poetic grace to the space that it occupies and to the materials that it employs.


  1. Marc Couturier Wall Drawing, 2006

    Stuc et pointe d’argent
    740 x 1800 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Commande 2004

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