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Manon de Boer

“I find it fascinating to watch the face of someone who is reading, playing music or thinking, because these are often moments when people seem to forget their ‘social face’, being so concentrated on an internal activity; moments in which a mental space is reflected on the face – the surface – between inside and outside.” Manon de Boer’s (1966) works mostly take the form of films which do not follow narrative film conventions. Instead, they offer points of access to abstract notions such as time, mental space and subjectivity. The attention and concentration of the interpreter, the actor, the person recorded or filmed, as well as the viewer, are thus at the heart of her practice.


  1. Manon de Boer Presto, Perfect Sound, 2006

    Film 35 mm transfered on video, color, sound
    5 min 40 s continuously
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2011
    © Video stills: Manon de Boer

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