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Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber’s (b. 1980, Luxembourg) work engages with the technical aspects and possibilities offered by analogue photography, a medium that he has referred to as ‘a means of knowledge’.

The fifty small-format, black-and-white photographs here have been selected by the artist for Mudam’s collection. Like the substantial, eponymous book published in 2019, they belong to an extensive project entitled An attempt at a personal epistemology (2012–20). Diverse in nature, some, for example, bear witness to events and encounters – work in the studio and the mounting and opening of exhibitions. There are also travel photographs and snapshots from his personal life. Intermixed for presentation, they reveal three key aspects of his work. First, there is the personal epistemology project, through which he attempts ‘to define the paradoxical place in which the artist operates, at the crossroads between objective knowledge and intimate experience’. Another set of photographs is linked to a trip Weber made to Egypt in 2013, during which he studied the Gnostic aspects of the Coptic religion. Here he establishes a parallel between the materialisation of light in the photographic process and the description of Gnosis given by certain historians of religion as an experience of inner illumination. A third group of images reflects his interest in cinema and the editing process for the moving image. Through this open, visual perambulation, Weber incorporates the act of photography and the image produced into a more complex network of associations and references.


  1. Jeff Weber, "An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology", 2012–2020 (détail), Collection Mudam Luxembourg © Jeff Weber
    Jeff Weber An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology, 2012–2020 (détail)

    Ensemble de cinquante photographies, noir et blanc
    Tirage gélatino-argentique
    12,7 x 17,8 cm chacune
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2020 – Donation partielle de l’artiste et de la galerie Erna Hecey
    © Jeff Weber

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