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Isabelle Marmann

“The drawings made for the exhibition ELO. Inner Exile - Outer Limits (2009) are poetic narratives, amid text and illustration, through which the viewer enters a world of imagination and childhood. Inspired by the Ukiyo-e, the Japanese pictures of the “floating world”, which have always fascinated me, my work deals with drawing, the search for simple and straight lines and daily things. These are illustrations, without referring to a particular story, floating images.” – Isabelle Marmann (b. 1975, Luxembourg)


  1. Isabelle Marmann Sans titre (Jusqu’au moment de se coucher), 2008

    Dessin faisant partie d'une série de 6
    Crayon de couleur sur papier
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2008
    © Photo : Mudam Luxembourg

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