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Hassan Khan

The multidisciplinary oeuvre of Hassan Khan (b. 1975, London) encompasses performance, video, publications, sound and environmental installations. His adopted city of Cairo is a key focus for his work which seeks to promote new forms of cohesion amongst people. This multichannel video installation is a portrait of the city spanning various social contexts, including streets offices and domestic spaces. Highlighting the complex social, cultural, historical and personal relationships of this multi-ethnic, capital city in sixteen chapters, local protagonists find themselves immersed in various scenarios. They discuss situations arising from conflicts shaped by differences in gender and social class; these include marital problems, arguments about money and sordid affairs. Step by step, the artist subtly arranges each of these video segments to create an extensive visual and narrative puzzle, producing a portrait of a city that reveals itself as a multifaceted subject in constant evolution.


  1. Hassan Khan The Hidden Location, 2004

    Quadruple projection vidéo couleur, son
    52 min
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2005
    © Photogrammes : Mudam Luxembourg

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