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Edith Dekyndt

The artist Edith Dekyndt (*1960, Ypres, Belgium) works in the border zone between art and science. She is interested in the ephemeral, barely discernible things that change in the shortest possible time – fleeting things like soap bubbles, which she depicts with ease and simplicity, in all their delicacy, while they also tell us something about the laws of physics. Provisory Object 03 (2004) is the third part of a series of experiments that the artist conducted in a great variety of climatic conditions. After a first version in her own kitchen and a second in the Arctic climate, it was in the tropical climate of the Congo that, for her third version, the artist found the ideal circumstances that would allow her to produce the most beautiful iridescent turbulence on a soap bubble held in a closed hand. With this work, Dekyndt not only succeeds in capturing a fascinating moment of suspended time but also follows in her own way the pictorial tradition of soap bubbles as a symbol of transience.


  1. Edith Dekyndt Provisory Object 03, 2004

    Vidéo couleur, silencieuse
    1 min 57 sec en boucle
    Ed. 8/10 + 1 EA
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2015
    © Edith Dekyndt

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