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Chto Delat?

Chto delat/What is to be done? was founded in St. Petersburg in 2003 by a group of artists, critics, philosophers and authors as an autonomous platform for cultural workers who want to carry out their activities within a context of political engagement. Partisan Songspiel. A Belgrade Story (2009) uses the concrete situation of the political repression of Romanies by the Belgrade city administration during the Summer Universiade as a basis for formulating a thought-provoking message about the state of post-war Serbia today. Representatives of the municipal government, war profiteers and businessmen come face to face with those of socially disadvantaged and minority groups, such as factory workers, activists, war veterans, homosexuals etc., while the “Chorus of the Dead Partisans” comments on the present-day dialogue between oppressed and oppressors.


  1. Chto Delat?, "Partisan Songspiel. A Belgrade Story", 2009. Vidéo couleur son, Musique : Mikhail Krutik. 29 min 27 sec. Collection Mudam Luxembourg. Donation 2009 – KBL European Private Bankers © Chto Delat?
    Chto Delat? Partisan Songspiel. A Belgrade Story, 2009

    Vidéo couleur, son
    Musique : Mikhail Krutik
    29 min 27 sec
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Donation 2009 – KBL European Private Bankers
    © Chto Delat?

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