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Beatrice Gibson

Like many of her works, Solo for Rich Man (2014) originated from a collaborative creative process, in this case a workshop that Beatrice Gibson and the cellist-composer Anton Lukoszevieze ran with a group of children. The film takes as its departure point American author William Gaddis’ epic modernist novel JR (1975). An eerily prescient, biting social satire, JR tells the story of a precocious eleven year-old capitalist who, with the unwitting help of his school’s resident composer, inadvertently creates the single greatest virtual empire the world has seen, spun largely from the anonymity of the school’s pay phone. Paralleling the educational environment in which JR unfolds, a large part of Solo for Rich Man is staged in an adventure playground in Shoreditch, East London. The playground, one of several in existence in London, was created in the 1970s in accordance with radical pedagogical ideas concerned with affording children the greatest possible freedom. Together with Lukoszevieze, who also appears in the film, Gibson and George – a participant in the workshop and the film’s central character – conduct a series of individual scenes through which sound and image weave suggested narratives.


  1. Beatrice Gibson Solo for Rich Man, 2015

    16mm, DV transféré sur HD, couleur, son
    13 min 35 sec
    Ed. 1/5 + 2 EA
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Donation 2015 – Baloise Group
    © Beatrice Gibson

  1. Beatrice Gibson The Tiger's Mind, 2012

    Film 16 mm transféré sur vidéo HD, couleur, son
    Langue anglaise, sous-titrage : français, allemand
    23 min 40 sec
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
    Donation 2016 – Baloise Group
    © Beatrice Gibson

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