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Adriano Amaral

The sculptures on display here are part of an ensemble that Adriano Amaral (b.1982, Ribeirão Preto) created for an exhibition in Amsterdam in 2015. Like many of his works, they are deliberately untitled, leaving the range of possible interpretations open to the viewer.

The materials and forms used in these abstract pieces, are typical of Amaral’s work recalling Arte Povera or process art. Forging delicate, experimental connections between organic form and materials that share a certain utility, whilst deploying an almost monochromatic palette they challenge the viewer’s gaze. Found or industrial materials such as silicon, cables, neon light and concrete are given unexpected details with softer or more fluid elements such as cosmetics, oil and aluminium powder. This coupling of materials, forms and their associations allude to architecture and even the human figure.


  1. Adriano Amaral, "Untitled", 2015, Mudam Collection
    Adriano Amaral Untitled, 2015

    De gauche à droite :

    Untitled, 2015
    Néon, silicone, maquillage, poudre d'aluminium
    237 x 130 x 12 cm

    Untitled, 2015
    Tuyau de construction en caoutchouc, poudre d'aluminium, huile de tournesol
    Ø 7,4 x 656,5 cm

    Untitled, 2015
    11 éléments en béton
    6,5 x 70 x 10 cm chacun

    Untitled, 2015
    Silicone, fumée, maquillage
    246 x 30,5 cm

    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2015
    © Photo : Rémi Villaggi | Mudam Luxembourg

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