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Call for dancers/performers

Mudam Luxembourg Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean is looking for ten dancers/performers as part of its coming exhibition A Model (9 February – 8 September 2024).

Artists Bob Kil and Nina Beier, who are invited to participate in the exhibition A Model, are looking for trained dancers/performers who can enact their performance piece entitled Field Trip. The performance, which requires 5 people in total, consists of a series of slow, synchronised movements that will take place in and around an installation developed by the artists for one of Mudam’s upper-floor galleries.

A three-day training session led by Bob Kil will be programmed in the days prior to the exhibition opening, from Monday 5 February to Wednesday 7 February. The performance will first be publicly presented under the supervision of the artist during the exhibition opening, Thursday 8 February from 19h30 to 21h00. It will then be presented on Sundays from 15h30 to 17h30 during the entirety of the exhibition (from Sunday 11 February 2024 to Sunday 8 September 2024).

The dancers/performers selected will be paid for the three-day training session (12h) and for each iteration of the performance (€100 per iteration).

Candidates who would like to take advantage of this opportunity must send a resume including their first and last name, age, size, place of residence and a list of experiences in dance and/or performance, together with a short video replicating the movements visible at this link:

The applications should be sent to by 31 July 2023 at the latest. The video file can be shared via the secured platform:

Mudam welcomes applications from candidates of various backgrounds without distinction of gender, religion, skin colour, nationality, sexual orientation or disability, aiming to reflect the diversity of Luxembourg, both in its staff and in its visitors.

For any further information, please contact

About Mudam:
Inaugurated in 2006 in a building designed by the internationally renowned architect leoh Minh Pei, Mudam is the Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg. Our mission is to collect, conserve and present the most relevant contemporary art of our time and make it accessible to a wide audience. Through our exhibitions, publications and artistic and educational programmes, we aim to play a leading role in the promotion and understanding of contemporary art. Our museum has always been a place of artistic production, working closely with artists. Situated in Europe, at the heart of a cosmopolitan country in which no fewer than 179 nationalities live side by side, it is our wish to speak to all communities and promote their access to contemporary art. We are keen to make the museum an accessible living space, a place of dialogue and togetherness, where the issues of our contemporary society can be addressed and discussed. We are committed to an inclusive, tolerant and responsible world in which museums play a unique role in the transmission of our heritage to future generations. We see ourselves as a social space, accessible to all – a place of exchange and togetherness.

About the artists:
Nina Beier (b. 1975, Aarhus, Denmark. Lives in Copenhagen) and Bob Kil (b. 1975, Seoul. Lives and works in Berlin)

Alongside their individual practices, Nina Beier and Bob Kil occasionally fuse their sculptures and performances together in scenarios oscillating between the static and the organic. Digging into cultural codes of both objects and behaviours, Beier and Kil’s works explore familiar tropes and unfold the implicit economical and interpersonal power structures they represent. Sculptural elements act as hosts or frames for performers in a symbiosis in which the immobile and animated merge into one. Nina Beier and Bob Kil have previously presented collaborative works at institutions including Art Sonje, Seoul, 2023; Busan Biennale 2022; Pinacoteca Agnelli, Turin, 2022; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 2022; Thorvaldsen Museum, Copenhagen, 2021; and Pogo Bar, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2019. They are currently (2023–24) showing at Haus am Waldsee, Berlin. Documentation on All Fours, a previous performance by the artists presented in the exhibition Lifes at the Hammer Museum of Los Angeles can be found here:

A Model (9 February – 8 September 2024)
A Model is a manifesto exhibition that proposes a reflection on the role of the museum today. It affirms the need to think of the institution as a living place, sensitive to contemporary debates, beyond its status of space of presentation. A Model also contemplates the possibilities that arise when museum collections are re-imagined as active and performative environments, as opposed to timeless repositories of objects. On the occasion of the exhibition, which will occupy two entire floors of the museum, artists are invited to develop specific works and installations in response to works from the Mudam Collection. The exhibition will include works by Nina Beier and Bob Kil, Tomaso Binga, Tony Cokes, Jason Dodge, Finnegan Shannon, Krista Belle Stewart, Rayyane Tabet or Dardan Zhegrova, among others. A Model is curated by Bettina Steinbrügge, Director, with Clément Minighetti, Chief Curator, Joel Valabrega, Curator Performance and Moving Image and Sarah Beaumont, Assistant Curator.